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Dr. Tyler Thomas PT, DPT

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About Dr. Tyler Thomas PT, DPT

Tyler has been a life-long athlete. He grew up playing organized sports, with most of his time devoted to football, baseball, and hockey in his home state of Michigan. In college, he developed an interest in biology as well as a passion for understanding human anatomy and physiology, which led to an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science. Following his undergraduate studies, Tyler decided to begin his working career as a personal trainer before working in biomedical engineering for two years. His passion for working with people and the art of healing inspired him to earn his doctorate in physical therapy from Central Michigan University.

Tyler received the Outstanding Physical Therapy Student Award from the Michigan Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association in October of 2020. The nomination for this award was given to him by the faculty at Central Michigan University for his academic and scholarly achievement as well as his engagement in the program as a student leader. Other notable achievements include President of the Physical Therapy Student Organization at Central Michigan University from August 2019-2020, and co-authoring a manuscript in the Journal of Gait and Posture, which was published in July of 2020.

Following school, his initial position was with a large physical therapy company. His leadership experience and skills quickly led to a management role within the company. He is now the clinical director of physical therapy for our Boca location.

He specializes in working with athletes of all ages regarding acute injury, surgical rehabilitation, and return-to-sport training. He emphasizes a hands-on approach early in the rehabilitation process, while also utilizing the latest technologies, such as blood flow restriction, dry-needling, and cupping, in order to progress his patients to functional training as fast as possible. Ultimately, his goal is to keep athletes playing their sport at their highest level throughout their lives.