Dr. Marcos Jimenez PT, DPT


About Dr. Marcos Jimenez PT, DPT

Dr. Marcos Jimenez is a graduate of Florida International University, where he earned a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy in 2016, along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Services Administration in 2011. He is a Certified Manual Therapist (COMPT) and holds additional certifications in Dry Needling (DN), Blood Flow Restriction (BFR), Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), among others. Since graduating, Dr. Jimenez has worked in a variety of orthopedic settings and was a teaching assistant with the University of St Augustine’s Physical Therapy Program.  With a passion for teaching and helping others, he has focused his practice on outpatient sports and orthopedics.  Dr. Jimenez provides physical therapy to a wide range of patient populations, including high school, collegiate and professional athletes, as well as weekend warriors, from a wide variety of sports, such as CrossFit, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Track-and-Field, and Swimming, to name a few.

Growing up in South Florida, Dr. Jimenez is very passionate about helping others within his community achieve their rehabilitation goals. His main philosophy is to help individuals stay active even through injuries. He uses a hands-on approach in teaching them not only how to return from injury, but to learn the skills and techniques needed to reduce the risk of re-injury in the future. In addition to using exercise to restore function, Dr. Jimenez uses a variety of manual therapy techniques, including soft tissue and joint mobilization, dry needling, active release, and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization.

Born in Puerto Rico, Dr. Jimenez grew up playing competitive baseball and basketball. After suffering an ACL injury while in high school, he discovered his passion for physical therapy and the desire to help young athletes reduce their risk of injury and to return them back to playing their passion. He enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and continues to live an active lifestyle by participating in mountain biking, golfing, and playing basketball.