Dr. Dak Adamson, PT

About Dr. Dak Adamson, PT

Dr. Dak Adamson was a Division 1 wrestler at Duke University where he graduated with a degree in Evolutionary Anthropology before going on to earn his Doctor of Physical Therapy from the Duke University School of Medicine in 2017. As a DPT student, Dr. Adamson became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and worked with the NCCU and Wake Forrest football teams in programming training plans for the athletes. After physical therapy school, Dr. Adamson worked in an outpatient clinic in North Carolina treating a variety of sports injuries and orthopedic conditions. Dr. Adamson has gone on to earn certifications in blood flow restriction therapy, trigger point dry needling, and Level 2 Medical Professional from the Titleist Performance Institute. 

Prior to joining the USA Sports Medicine team, Dr. Adamson worked for a physician-owned Sports Medicine Clinic where he worked with some of the best Orthopedic Surgeons in the area as well as with a variety of athletes.