IV Nutrition Therapy

What Is IV Hydration Therapy?

Intravenous therapy (a.k.a IV therapy or IV nutrient therapy) is a type of therapy commonly used for its wide range of health benefits. Because IV treatment is administered directly into the veins, the results may be faster than those of oral or other traditional medicines. Physicians believe IV nutrient therapy can be safe, effective and restorative, and can be customized to suit the unique needs of each patient individually.

Why IV Hydration Therapy?
The advantages of taking nutrients using IV HydrationTherapy are countless. First and foremost, there is no faster way to absorb vitamins and minerals your body needs than through an IV.  Furthermore, our body’s digestive system stops us from absorbing certain minerals, especially when it is compromised. This is why people may suffer from a nutrient deficiency in the first place. Taking nutrients intravenously delivers what your body needs directly into its bloodstream and it can be absorbed by your cells most efficiently. As a result, patients can feel the amazing effects of IV Hydration Therapy almost instantaneously during their treatment. We have a variety of IV Hydration Therapy Drips and some of the most common nutrients we offer at USA Sports Medicine include:

+ Amino Acids
+ Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
+ B- Complex
+ Biotin
+ B-12

+ Calcium
+ Vitamin B5
+ Glutathione
+ Niacinamide
+ Magnesium

+ Trace Elements 5
+ Pyridoxine (B6)
+ Selenium
+ Zinc
+ Dexpanthenol


Immune | $200

Designed to help your immune system, prevent illnesses and make you feel better faster after getting sick, this IV kit includes six treatments of premium-quality compounds that can help improve immunity and promote optimal wellness.

Add ons:
+ B-12 | $50
+ Glutathione | $50
+ Thymosin Alpha 1 Booster | $75


Performance | $200

Sport the healthy glow with our recovery and performance IV Therapy infusion. This infusion is perfect after a long day on the golf course, tennis courts, or intense workout. This hydrating, nutrient-rich IV balances sodium levels and replenishes electrolytes. Relieve soreness from muscles broken down by exercise with our rebuilding and repairing nutrients.

Add ons:
+ B-12 | $50
+ Glutathione | $50


Beauty  | $200

Fight Acne, Wrinkles, and Tired Skin From The Inside Out. Look and feel your best with healthy skin, hair, and nails prior to your event or night out. Loaded with a custom blend of vitamins and electrolytes.

Add ons:
+ B-12 | $40
+ Glutathione | $50

Myer’s Cocktail | $250

Increase energy, reduce inflammation and pain, and recover quicker after exercise or athletic events with this combination of B-vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and glutathione.

Anti-Aging (NAD+) | $400

NAD is a coenzyme known as the anti-aging molecule. It repairs DNA, protects against stress, and reduces inflammation.

Standard dose | 250mg