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Hydration Therapy

We offer IV hydration therapy which is a therapeutic treatment using intravenous fluids to rehydrate and revive your body. The IV hydration process bypasses the digestive system and absorbs much more quickly and completely than fluids or supplements that are taken orally. Explore our IV menu of available treatments.

Guided Injections / Diagnostics

For decades, many interventional procedures have been done blind, guided solely by palpating anatomical landmarks. However, it has now become the standard of care to use imaging guidance such ultrasound or fluoroscopy in order to safely perform musculoskeletal injections. 


Our non-surgical, minimally invasive procedures offer unique solutions for those suffering with chronic joint, spine and musculoskeletal pain.  Traditional medical options, such as cortisone injections, offer only short-term relief and do not heal an injury. 


Our office specializes in various types of Image Guided Interventional Orthopedic procedures. In addition to conventional steroid injection or lidocaine injections, we offer regenerative, orthobiologic options aimed towards healing and regeneration of tissues and joints, not just simply decreasing inflammation and/or masking pain.


Our DPTs, (Doctor of Physical Therapy) have been treating patients at their offices at The Faena Hotel, Fisher Island Spa, Anatomy at 1220, and other top addresses around Miami. Our reputation of treating patients and getting them back to their lives and sports pain-free is unrivaled.


Our DC’s (Doctor of Chiropractic) have been helping Floridians get back to doing what they love to do for the past 20 years. From local sports team doctors to Olympic team doctors, our Chiropractors have helped the who’s who in the sports and entertainment world. We are up to date on the most recent, cutting edge, chiropractic techniques.

Nutrition Therapy

With our revolutionary enzyme/nutrition program we are able to help numerous patients with chronic degenerative conditions. By using enzymes and changing one’s chemistry, we can aid in the improvement with digestion and inflammation.


We offer Acupuncture as a way of pain management. We offer dry-needling, neuro-functional acupuncture, and other sports related acupuncture techniques.