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Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

If you are struggling to find an effective way to improve your physical health and regain your strength, blood flow restriction therapy may provide the answers you are looking for. This unique form of therapy can provide many benefits, including improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and increased muscle strength. Blood flow restriction therapy is available at our clinic, and we’re here to help you understand how it works and what it can do for you.

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Blood flow restriction can be helpful for patients recovering from lower extremity injuries and conditions like meniscus tears. In addition to blood flow restriction therapy for meniscus tears, patients often resort to blood flow restriction therapy for soft tissue injuries and bone stress injuries.

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy Miami

Blood flow restriction (BFR) is an innovative therapy method that allows patients to gain strength without lifting heavy loads, thereby minimizing the overall stress placed on the body. BFR therapy utilizes an FDA-approved occlusion cuff to decrease blood flow to a limb while performing light exercise, which results in exceptional muscular strength and endurance gains.

Typically, to increase muscle size and strength effectively, you need to overload muscle tissue to stimulate growth. However, many of our patients cannot tolerate the loads necessary to gain muscle strength due to injury or pain. But by using BFR physical therapy, we can get similar gains without using heavy weights and, therefore, protect an injured joint.

By restricting blood flow to the muscles of that limb, the muscle is tricked into thinking that it is undergoing a significant breakdown. This stimulates the muscle to signal a greater response for repair, although no real damage is occurring. The body will release growth factors and begin a repair cascade that mirrors that of lifting heavy weights. This technique has been shown to decrease return to activity time in many post-surgical conditions in which the joint cannot be loaded with heavy resistance.

Studies show improved pain relief, at least for the first 6 months when compared to cortisone injection – a safer alternative to a cortisone injection.e

Frequently Asked Questions

BFR therapy is also a very effective recovery tool used with an athletic population undergoing intense training. Training with BFR therapy on recovery days further stimulates the repair of the muscles without further muscle tissue breakdown. This improves recovery time and allows a faster return to intense training/activity.

If you are seeking a non-invasive, pain-free way to improve your strength, cardiovascular endurance, and recovery time, then blood flow restriction therapy may be the right fit. Give our office a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert physical therapists. We will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine if BFR therapy is right for you, and we will develop a treatment plan tailored specifically to your individual needs.

At our clinic, we offer blood flow restriction therapy services that can help boost many aspects of physical health and well-being. This technique has been shown to decrease return to activity time in many post-surgical conditions in which the joint cannot be loaded with heavy resistance. Additionally, BFR therapy is also a very effective recovery tool used with the athletic population when undergoing intense training.

On your first visit, our team of physical therapists will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine how blood flow restriction training can enhance your specialized treatment plan. We will also take the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the therapy. If we believe that BFR is right for you, we will develop a treatment plan designed to deliver the best possible results quickly and safely.

Because everyone is different, the rate of results will vary from person to person. However, many people report feeling an improvement in their condition within the first few weeks of treatment.

USA Sports has you covered if you are looking for “BFR therapy near me” in Miami. Our physical therapy clinic is the #1 choice for blood restriction therapy in Miami, FL. Our specialized therapists are expertly trained in BFR and will provide the highest level of personalized care, ensuring you have the best possible experience.

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  • Baker’s Cyst
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Total Hip Replacement
  • Femoral-Acetabular
  • Impingement (FAI)
  • Piriformis Syndrome
  • Hip Trochanteric Bursitis
  • Gluteus Medius Tear
  • Nerve Entrapment
  • Hip Labral Tear
  • Stenosis
  • Post-Surgical Care
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